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Misfit Bathroom Rug Pink 50x80cm


The Misfit Bath Rug enhances your daily routine and elevates it to an experience of luxury and excellence. Its relief and texture allow you to experience unparalleled comfort, like a soft and delicate massage for your feet, welcoming them every time you get out of the bath, lasting a relaxing and warm sensation. In addition to its functionality, this bath rug has the power to transform the appearance of any bathroom with its presence. Created in soft tones to create serene and peaceful environments in the bathroom, and in bright colors to add color and life to any dull bathroom. The ideal finishing touch to the decor that will transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort.
Available in several colors.
An article with unique designs and quality, exclusive to Season Home Collection.

Color Pink
Size 50x80cm

25 in stock

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Bathroom rug Available sizes: 50 x 80 cm Available colors: Green, Pink and Blue Its composition contains 100% cotton. All our items are produced entirely in Portugal and undergo a washing process. This process guarantees their cleanliness and gives them an incredibly soft touch. Additionally, this washing prevents the garments from shrinking and fading after the first wash, thus ensuring their immediate use and maintaining their quality over time.
Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C with reduced spinning and reduced amount of laundry in the machine.The piece does not support bleaching or stain pretreatment with chlorine and oxygen-based products.Can tumble dry on a short cycle and with reduced temperature.Ironing at medium temperature (up to 150ºC). Suitable for wool, silk, polyester, or viscose. Can be used steam but without pressing hard.Professional cleaning.
Season Home Collection is concerned with achieving a better, greener future through efficient production, combining a commitment to premium quality and comfort with sustainability. Our efforts are reflected in our certificates, in the sustainable packaging on all the textiles in the season’s collection, made from 100% fabric, thus guaranteeing the reuse of their bags, and in the responsible production process of the products, from the use of renewable energies, sustainable and recyclable raw materials and the adoption of the circular economy concept, where we give people the chance to leave us their end-of-life home textiles or products they no longer use so that we can give them a new lease of life by creating new products from them.
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How do I decorate my room with a rug?

Decorating a room with a rug can add color, texture, and comfort to your space. Choose the right size, color, and style to create zones in one space.

Why are some rugs placed on the wall?

Some rugs are placed on the wall as a form of decorative art. They are usually smaller than rugs used on the floor and are recognized as antiques or heritage symbols.

Do rugs make a room appear smaller?

Rugs can make a room appear smaller if they are not chosen and positioned correctly. If a rug is too small, it can make it appear smaller.

Is a rug a decorative element?

Yes, a rug is an important decorative element. It can add color, texture, and style to a room. Rugs are known to help create a sense of comfort and welcome.

What are the most popular colors for carpets?

The most popular colors for carpets are: gray, brown, beige, blue, red, black, and white. These are usually the colors that go best with other shades and patterns.

What keeps a rug looking luxurious?

Several things can keep a rug looking luxurious, such as regular cleaning, rotating the rug, and protection from sun, moisture, and animals.

Are carpets a good investment?

Rugs can be a good investment. Antique hand-knotted carpets, such as Persian carpets, usually increase in value over time and can be considered valuable collector’s items.

Should the color of the rug be the same as the sofa and the walls?

Not necessarily. The rug can have a different color or tone, the important thing is to create a harmonious combination that fits the style of the whole room.




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