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Deep sleep without chills or warmth is synonymous with cotton. Have you ever imagined yourself lying on a bed, relaxing and sleeping peacefully? Yes, well. This is the feeling that any bedding made of cotton can provide.

Cotton is a fiber that is super soft and smooth to the touch, which makes it the most sought- after natural raw material. Yes, cotton is a natural, plant-based, biodegradable fiber. Although its production process requires high water consumption, nowadays we can already find more responsible and sustainable types of cotton, such as organic cotton and BCI cotton.

Our cotton

Of course, Season Home Collection develops its products based on the most environmentally friendly types of cotton, especially BCI cotton. This type of cotton comes from the world’s largest sustainable cultivation initiative. Thus, BCI cotton ensures responsible and sustainable cultivation, safeguarding the soil properties and controlling excessive water consumption.

But that’s not all! The Better Cotton Initiative supports small cotton farmers, improves conditions for workers, and creates egalitarian farming communities.

When we talk about cotton in general, it is important to mention the characteristics of this raw material. Among these, we can identify softness to the touch, strength, thermal comfort, and hypoallergenic properties.

With all these advantages, cotton bed linen is the reason for a beautiful night’s sleep, since it is permeable. Being permeable is quite beneficial as, it facilitates the free circulation of heat, does not overheat, and quickly absorbs sweat or moisture.

Cotton products

Cotton bed sheets, duvets, quilts, blankets, or duvet covers are our best sleeping companions, all year round because they are suitable for any climate or season. The thermal comfort of the cotton fabric allows us to stay warm during the colder seasons and regulates the heat during the hottest nights. We can say that cotton is our perfect match!

Raw material

O algodão também é uma matéria prima gentil quando está em contacto direto com a pele. A sua suavidade não irrita nem provoca alergias, por isso a roupa de cama e o vestuário de algodão são elementos essenciais no nosso guarda-roupa. Assim como os pijamas e os conjuntos de homewear feitos 100% de algodão.

Mas acha que é só a matéria prima que é importante na hora de escolha de uma roupa de cama? Curiosamente, não!

Despite cotton being an excellent raw material for bedding, it is important to take into account the number of threads per inch that your sheet or pillowcase has. I imagine you are asking why? It's simple! The higher the number of threads, the softer and more refined the product is.

For example, if you have heard of 300-thread-count or 200-thread-count satin bed sheets, it means that they are made with more threads, making them softer and more delicate, and are an excellent choice in terms of comfort and quality.
In addition to 300-thread-count satin, there is percale. Percale is a high-quality method of weaving cotton, composed of very fine threads woven more tightly. Thus, cotton percale offers an incomparable feeling of well-being.

Cotton as raw material

Cotton is also a great raw material for textile products since they are often subjected to several washes. However, it is always recommended that you wash your bed sheets, bedding, and pajamas with soap or a neutral detergent in a normal wash cycle in cold water. Also, these should be dried naturally, as high temperatures can modify the pieces. When ironing, use a medium-high temperature, however, you should always respect the information on the composition labels of the article.

On the other hand, when washing pajamas or homewear, the ideal is to use a suitable softener so that the garment remains soft and scented. Also, as for bath towels made of cotton, it is crucial that, when they are new, they are washed separately because they usually shed some threads in the first washes.

After all this information, there is something you cannot miss! How can we distinguish synthetic fiber from cotton? That is easy. If you can’t find a composition label do a little test. Just close your hand and rub the fabric, if your hand overheats it means it is a synthetic fiber or it is a cotton fabric mixed with another fiber.

A 100% cotton fabric does not overheat, is durable, and soft, and does not create “blisters” with use.

That said, cotton is the king of bedding in that it has everything we are looking for. It’s soft, it’s durable, it’s easy to wash, it’s warm enough, and it’s suitable for any season.

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A set of cotton bed sheets is the main piece of a trousseau since the important thing is to have good products and not too many products.

A relaxing bed does not need to have too many pieces, as sometimes too many pieces with poor quality will not guarantee ideal sleep. If you choose to purchase a set of cotton bed sheets and a good duvet, it is enough to have a night of comfort and coziness.