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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how your personal information is collected and used after you visit or shop at the Season Home Collection website.

Privacy Policy

Season Home Collection brand respects the privacy of its customers and partners, and personal data, which as a holder, you provide us, are protected following data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and national legislation nª58/2019.

Therefore, the website of Season Home Collection is accessible via the URL The development and maintenance of the website are under the company António Salgado & Cª Lda, which makes sure to make the website a safe and functional platform for its users.

If you need support, please contact the Season Home Collection team through the email address [email protected]

Treatment of personal data

The responsible for the treatment of personal data of users, customers, and partners is the brand Season Home Collection owned by António Salgado & Cª Lda.

Concept – Personal Data

Season Home Collection’s Privacy Policy follows the definition adopted in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), considering personal data, all information relating to an identifiable or identified natural person, where identifiable means a natural person who can be easily identified, directly or indirectly, including by reference to the identification number or by one or more specific elements of physical identity, psychological, physiological, economic, social and cultural.

How Personal Data is collected

To analyze the activity of Season Home Collection, the collection, and processing of personal data is processed through this website, newsletter, and e-mail, under a contractual or pre-contractual relationship.

The data collected are only those considered essential to the provision of our services. The same is collected and processed with the consent of the user when this expresses free, informed, explicit, and specific will.

You, by your own decision, may easily withdraw your consent to process personal data at any time. If the user wishes to withdraw his consent, he should request it from the Season Home Collection Team, via email: [email protected]

Collected data

When you visit the Season Home Collection branded online platform, information about your device is automatically collected, including information about your internet browser, IP address, time zone, and certain cookies directly installed on your device. This collection will be processed to understand what type of customer is looking for the brand.

When you want to take advantage of our services, other information is collected to make the service feasible, efficient, and effective. The information collected is Identification Data (ID Card or Identity Card); Contact Data (address, telephone contact, email address); Professional Data (the position you hold in the organization, address of the headquarters or company); Academic/Professional Data (qualifications, certifications, resume); Billing and Expenses Data (tax identification number, credit card data); Image and Sound Registration Data (photo and video).

The data collected by the platform are the object of computer treatment and stored in databases, correctly and strictly complying with the legislation in force concerning data protection and standards associated with information security.

The processing of personal data following a specific and legitimate purpose or purposes consented to at the time of collection. They are processed only for the purposes intended, except to archive in the public interest, and research, and there is no incompatibility in these cases, following the terms of the RGPD.

Purpose of Data Processing

Your data is processed by the Season Home Collection Team for the following purposes:

  • In the course of our services, we must identify you as a customer;
  • To provide the services and information requested by the customer;
  • For billing and accounting management purposes;
  • Communication of changes to the conditions of the services provided;
  • Compliance with legal obligations;
  • Optimization of the platform’s usability and navigation;
  • Management and execution of the contractual relationship to the client’s needs and interests.
  1. Depending on the circumstances, the processing of the customer’s data may be carried out according to the legal basis: the need for processing for reasons of pre-contractual diligence or contractual exception; for compliance with legal actions; for legitimate interests of António Salgado & Cª Lda or by consent of the data subject.
  2. As data consent is the legal basis for data processing, the data subject may withdraw his/her consent by requesting it via e-mail ([email protected]), without this right compromising the lawfulness of the processing carried out under the consent given previously, or the processing already carried out and founded on another legal basis.

Upon being requested to withdraw consent by the user, the user will cease to receive communication from Season Home Collection and their data will not be used.

Underage User Data

No data of any kind is collected from users under the age of 18.

Conservation | Data Storage

The period for which data is stored varies depending on the purpose for which it is processed, however, it is stored by the legislation that requires storage within a stipulated period.

If there is no legal storage period, the data will only be stored for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it has been proposed, and will be treated appropriately.

Rights of Data Subjects

By the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), we guarantee the rights of the customer as holder of the data provided. Thus, the rights are:

  • Right of Access: You have the right to request information regarding the processing of your data, i.e., to understand whether or not it is being processed and for what purpose it will be processed. In this way, if you wish you may obtain a copy of your data being processed, and the request for other copies may be subject to the payment of a significant fee for administrative costs. However, if the request for a copy is made via e-mail, it will be sent in digital format by a regular e-mail address, unless otherwise stated.
  • Right to Rectification: The user has the right, without undue delay, to have his data attached rectified, as well as information that is incomplete to be completed.
  • Right to Forget/Cancellation: You may request national data be removed from the records of the Team Season Home Collection, in certain circumstances, without undue delay, as soon as one of the reasons in the General Data Protection Regulation is met.
  • Right to Object: You have the right to object, giving reasons relating to your particular situation, to certain forms of data processing. For example, in the event of data processing for direct marketing, the Season Home Collection Team will suspend processing directed to that purpose.


To safeguard security, authenticity, reliability, confidentiality, and integrity, organizational and technical measures have been adopted that aim for adjusted protection and security, focusing on avoiding risks and data leakage.

Communication of Personal Data to Third Parties

It is important to inform the user of the possibility of subcontracting third-party services for data processing. If the subcontracting happens, contractual and appropriate measures will be taken, so that the data processing is carried out by the instructions, techniques, and measures organizations outlined by the Season Home Collection Team.

International Data Transfers

There may be a need to provide user data to countries or international organizations that are not part of the European Economic Area. Should this situation occur, all lawful provisions will be strictly observed and applied, and we will not communicate data to entities that demonstrate weaknesses or violate the data protection by the RGPD.

Use of Cookies

For more information about the use of cookies, please consult the Cookies Policy on the website.


For further information or questions, please contact: Rua de Sezim, No426 Candoso S.Tiago 4835-249, Guimarães, Portugal Tel: 253 571 811 E-mail: [email protected]