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Sneek Rug Sky Blue 60x110cm

38.65 27.06

The Sneek rug shows how comfort can be just a step away. Its relief gently caresses the feet, bringing comforting and relaxing sensations every time you step on it. In addition to its function of protecting the floor, it serves as an element that makes the atmosphere of any space where it is placed more welcoming and cozy by filling the space. Created in a huge palette of shades and sizes to adapt and fit into any space and allow every room in the house to be comfortable, above all. Its small bangs at the edges combined with its classic design, make this rug a versatile and timeless item that easily blends in with any existing decor. In environments with light colors, choosing a colored rug creates more life and harmony, or in monochrome spaces, you can choose a contrasting or coordinating color option, depending on your personal preferences and tastes. With just a change of tone, you can immediately change the look of any room in the house.
Available in several colors and sizes.
An article with unique designs and quality, exclusive to Season Home Collection.

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