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Linho Quilt Beige 250x270cm+2(50x70cm)

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The natural look of the Linho Quilt quilt leaves a relaxed and contemporary look in your bedroom. Thin and cool, it welcomes you during the night, helping to maintain an ideal body temperature. The soft touch of the combination of linen and cotton on the skin provides comfort and well-being throughout your rest. If you wish to create more joy and life in this space, add other colors.
Available in one size only, including two full cushions.
A unique and exclusive article and quality from Season Home Collection.

Color Beige
Size 250x270cm+2(50x70cm)

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Quilt + Full cushions Available sizes: 250 x 270 cm + 2 cushions (50 x 70 cm) Available colors: Blue, Orange, White, Grey or Beige The front is made of 100% Flax European Linen, and the reverse of 50% cotton and 50% Flax European Linen. The filling is 100 grams and contains 100% polyester. This product is entirely produced in Portugal.
Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C with reduced spinning and reduced amount of laundry in the machine.The piece does not support bleaching or stain pretreatment with chlorine and oxygen-based products.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Professional cleaning.
Season Home Collection is concerned with achieving a better, greener future through efficient production, combining a commitment to premium quality and comfort with sustainability. Our efforts are reflected in our certificates, in the sustainable packaging on all the textiles in the season’s collection, made from 100% fabric, thus guaranteeing the reuse of their bags, and in the responsible production process of the products, from the use of renewable energies, sustainable and recyclable raw materials and the adoption of the circular economy concept, where we give people the chance to leave us their end-of-life home textiles or products they no longer use so that we can give them a new lease of life by creating new products from them.“European Flax Linen is a fiber from the flax plant grown in Europe that is a more sustainable choice. One of its main advantages is that flax is grown in Europe, where the climate favors its growth, and requires significantly less water than cotton. In addition, it is a fibre that requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers, which contributes to a reduction in environmental pollution and preservation of the soil. In its production process, linen stands out for its reduced environmental footprint, as its fibers are extracted through a more sustainable mechanical process, thus reducing carbon emissions, and as its fibers are biodegradable, at the end of their useful life, they decompose naturally without leaving residues that are harmful to the environment. In addition, flax fibre is already known for its durability and resistance, which means that items made from it have a longer lifespan, thus minimizing the need for replacement and waste.Discover more about Linen
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What is a quilt?

A quilt is a type of blanket, made using a sewing technique called “quilting” in which the layers are sewn together. They are usually lighter than quilts.

How should I launder a linen quilt?

Keep in mind that some linen quilts are not washable. Linen can shrink a bit after washing, so it is important to follow the instructions to avoid unnecessary shrinkage.

What is European Flax Linen?

European Flax Linen is a type of linen grown in Europe. It is known for its superior quality. It is made from the flax plant, which is grown, harvested, and processed traditionally.

Why does the linen quilt only have one size?

Linen quilts are more vigorous bedding pieces and have a more delicate fall shape. Therefore, they best represent their function on beds with a larger size.




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