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Básico Bed Sheet Set White 260x290cm


Just like its name, the Basic bed sheet set comes in a simple and classic model. In a white tone that creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere and fits the aesthetics of any bedroom, matching the entire color palette. The cotton contains breathable properties and is suitable all year round. Combine with other colorful bedding pieces to create life.
Available in several sizes, always accompanied by at least one cushion.
A unique and exclusive article and quality from Season Home Collection.

Color White
Size 260x290cm

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SKU 7JLC00434 Categories , Certified BCI
Bed sheet set + Cushions Available sizes: Top sheet (180 x 290 cm) + Bottom sheet (105 x 200 + 30 cm) + 1 cushion (50 x 70 cm) Top sheet (240 x 290 cm) + Bottom sheet (160 x 200 + 30 cm) + 2 cushions (50 x 70 cm) Top sheet (260 x 290 cm) + Bottom sheet (180 x 200 + 30 cm) + 2 cushions (50 x 70 cm) Top sheet (280 x 290 cm) + Bottom sheet (200 x 200 + 30 cm) + 2 cushions (50 x 70 cm) Adjustable bottom sheet with elastic. Available colors: White Its composition contains 100% BCI cotton. This product is entirely produced in Portugal.
Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C with reduced spinning and reduced amount of laundry in the machine.The piece does not support bleaching or stain pretreatment with chlorine and oxygen-based products.Can tumble dry on a short cycle and with reduced temperature.Ironing at medium temperature (up to 150ºC). Suitable for wool, silk, polyester, or viscose. Can be used steam but without pressing hard.Professional cleaning.
BCI cotton is certified by the organization Better Cotton Initiative, to bring a better future for cotton, in terms of working conditions for its producers, as well as ensuring sustainable production processes. Its mission is to help cotton-growing communities have a better quality of life while helping to protect the environment, bringing benefits to manufacturers, consumers, and the environment alike. Season Home Collection is concerned about achieving a better and greener future through efficient production. Our effort is mirrored in our certificates and therefore the production process of the items is based on the use of environmentally friendly materials.Discover more about BCI Cotton
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Why are white bed sheets the most popular?

White bed sheets are the most popular because of their clean and fresh appearance, they are easy to match, clean, and bleach, and are considered classic and affordable sheets.

Do clean bed sheets influence the quality of sleep?

Yes, clean bed sheets are more comfortable, hygienic, and refreshing, and help maintain body temperature since they are more breathable.

What are the best types of bed sheets?

The best types of bed sheets vary according to personal preferences and needs. However, the most popular are 300-thread-count cotton satin or 200-thread-count percale sheets.

Do the bed sheets accumulate bacteria?

Bec sheets can accumulate bacteria due to sweat, skin cells, and other dirt. You should wash them regularly, especially if you have skin problems or are sensitive to bacteria.


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