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Punto Bath Set Beige 1x(30x50cm)+1x(50x100cm)+1x(100x150cm)

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In solid and neutral colors comes the Punto bath towel set, showing elegance and minimalism in all its details. This bath set fulfills its main function of being your best friend at bath time, as well as deserves all the exposure. Due to all its particularities, it fits in every bathroom, perfectly achieving the look you want.
Available in several colors. Set of three towels in different sizes.
A unique and exclusive article and quality from Season Home Collection.

Color Beige
Size 1x(30x50cm)+1x(50x100cm)+1x(100x150cm)

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Bath towel set Set of 3 bath towels Available sizes: 1x (30 x 50 cm) + 1x (50 x 100 cm) + 1x (100 x 150 cm) Available colors: Grey, White or Beige Its composition contains 100% cotton. This product is entirely produced in Portugal.
Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C with reduced spinning and reduced amount of laundry in the machine.The piece does not support bleaching or stain pretreatment with chlorine and oxygen-based products.Can tumble dry on a short cycle and with reduced temperature.Ironing at medium temperature (up to 150ºC). Suitable for wool, silk, polyester, or viscose. Can be used steam but without pressing hard.Professional cleaning.
Season Home Collection is concerned with achieving a better, greener future through efficient production, combining a commitment to premium quality and comfort with sustainability. Our efforts are reflected in our certificates, in the sustainable packaging on all the textiles in the season’s collection, made from 100% fabric, thus guaranteeing the reuse of their bags, and in the responsible production process of the products, from the use of renewable energies, sustainable and recyclable raw materials and the adoption of the circular economy concept, where we give people the chance to leave us their end-of-life home textiles or products they no longer use so that we can give them a new lease of life by creating new products from them.
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How often should I wash my bath towel set?

The frequency for washing the bath set varies depending on its use, however, it is advisable to wash and change the towels every three days, to ensure that they are always fresh and clean.

How often should I replace my bath towel set?

It is possible to use the same towel twice before washing, as long as it is not damp or dirty. However, the ideal is, whenever possible, to use a new towel each time.

Can I use the same bath towel twice?

It is possible to use the same towel twice before washing, as long as it is not damp or dirty. However, the ideal is, whenever possible, to use a new towel each time.

How many times can you use a towel before washing it?

As a general rule, you can use a towel three to four times before you wash it. This prevents the production and accumulation of bacteria and mold.

Why buy and use a bath towel set?

Having and using a set of towels brings many benefits, as it changes the appearance of the space, and becomes more economical, hygienic, versatile, and practical to give a new look to the bathroom.

How to combine the sets of towels in my bathroom?

When choosing the bathroom set take into account the style and decorative tones used, and opt for neutral tones if the bathroom has bright colors, or for cheerful colors with character for environments without color.

What is a bath sheet?

A bath sheet is a larger and wider towel than conventional bath towels, being softer covering the whole body, and allowing you to feel more comfortable after bathing.

What is the difference between the bath towel and the bath sheet?

The bath towel is mainly used to dry the body after bathing and is smaller and more compact than the bath sheet, which is larger and wider to cover the body after bathing.




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