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Wild Forest Duvet Cover Blue 240x220cm+2(50x70cm)


The Wild Forest duvet cover is the star of the bedroom during these colder seasons. Its tones complement each other to create a cozy and serene atmosphere for a full and deep rest. Hand-drawn, a unique work of art alluding to the cold winter season, it adds a touch of delicacy to the bedroom decor itself. The ribbons that close the duvet cover and its complementary cushions go beyond functionality, adorning them and giving the bed personality. All its details contribute to creating a unique and original bedroom while at the same time enhancing your comfort during the night, for a completely revitalizing sleep. Every night will be an invitation to relax in the middle of nature, enveloping the senses in its welcoming embrace.
Available in several sizes, always accompanied by at least one cushion.
A unique and exclusive article and quality from Season Home Collection.

Color Blue 01
Size 240x220cm+2(50x70cm)

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SKU 7DUV00226 Categories , Certified BCI
Duvet cover + Cushions Available sizes: 180 x 220 cm + 1 cushion (50 x 70 cm) 240 x 220 cm + 2 cushions (50 x 70 cm) 260 x 240 cm + 2 cushions (50 x 70 cm) Available colors: Blue Its composition contains 100% BCI cotton. All our items are produced entirely in Portugal and undergo a washing process. This process guarantees their cleanliness and gives them an incredibly soft touch. Additionally, this washing prevents the garments from shrinking and fading after the first wash, thus ensuring their immediate use and maintaining their quality over time.
Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C with reduced spinning and reduced amount of laundry in the machine.The piece does not support bleaching or stain pretreatment with chlorine and oxygen-based products.Can tumble dry on a short cycle and with reduced temperature.Ironing at medium temperature (up to 150ºC). Suitable for wool, silk, polyester, or viscose. Can be used steam but without pressing hard.Professional cleaning.
BCI cotton is certified by the organization Better Cotton Initiative, to bring a better future for cotton, in terms of working conditions for its producers, as well as ensuring sustainable production processes. Its mission is to help cotton-growing communities have a better quality of life while helping to protect the environment, bringing benefits to manufacturers, consumers, and the environment alike. Season Home Collection is concerned about achieving a better and greener future through efficient production. Our effort is mirrored in our certificates and therefore the production process of the items is based on the use of environmentally friendly materials.Discover more about BCI Cotton
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What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is a piece of fabric that is used to cover a duvet. Its function is to protect the duvet so that it stays cleaner for a longer period.

Why is a duvet cover better than a duvet?

A duvet cover has the advantage of extending the life of the duvet by protecting it from sweat, dust, and stains, and it is also easier to clean and maintain than the duvet itself.

What are the benefits of a cotton duvet cover?

Cotton duvet covers have several benefits, such as comfort, breathability, durability, ease of maintenance, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly.

Does the duvet cover come with pillowcases?

Yes, the duvet cover is sold with its matching pillowcases, and you can buy the filling to suit your measurements separately.

How to put the duvet in the duvet cover easily?

Turn the duvet cover inside out, insert the corners of the duvet into the corners of the cover, and adjust. Then just close the buttons or zipper.




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