Live each season,
every day and every night in complete comfort.
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by us. Every day and every season.
Comfort and quality
Sustainable processes
Knowledge of the textile sector
Raw materials of excellence

Season Home Collection is a brand that believes in quality comfort.


Season benefits from the know-how of António Salgado & Ca., Lda., An experienced and certified company with a deep knowledge of the textile sector and its demands. Raw materials of excellence, sustainable production processes, following design trends and strict quality control make Season Home Collection a unique and distinctive brand.


Immerse yourself in our collections and live each season, each day and night in complete comfort.

An environmentally conscious industry
every season.
Sustainable production cycle
Environmental awareness
Sustainable solutions

All of our actions have an impact on the environment.


Aware of this, António Salgado Ca., Lda. Adopts sustainable solutions throughout its production cycle. The use of solar panels, recycled cotton, polyester and other fibers, together with sustainable production practices are some of our main concerns.


An environmentally conscious industry wins the respect and trust of the market.

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